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:: the sweeping insensitivity of this still life

22 August
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my names sarah. i wish i was a pirate. or at least owned a pirate ship that i could use anytime i felt like it. i like the color green. and guitars. and i like dinosaurs and ninja turtles. thats pretty much all you need to know.

Marriage is love.
4th street live, aim, air conditioning, alcohol, animals, apples, art, asking stupid questions, backpack purses, band-aids, baseball hats, bath and body works, baths, batman, being happy, being me, being obnoxious, being outside, being passionate, being young, ben stiller, birthdays, black, blue pens, boots, boy cut underwear, bras that fit, bright colors, broken in jeans, bubbles, candles, cardboard, carebears, cheese, college, coloring books, comfy pillows, concerts, concrete, craaaaazy wafers, crayons, curly hair, downtown louisville, driving, eku, exaggerating, eye drops, failure, finding nemo, fish, flamingos, flashlights, flip phones, flowers, folding chairs, forks, fraggle rock, fransisco, friends, fun quotes, gerber daisies, goodwill, harry potter, having fun, headphones, helping others, highlighters, hott drummers, hugging, imagination, james dean, journals, just shaved legs, larry, listening to the ocean, long talks, love, lust, magazines, making to-do lists, mechanical pencils, meeting new people, mice, midgits, monkies, mousepads, music, my car, my puppy, new clothes, ninja turtles, old movies, painting my toenails, paper, peanut butter, pearly white escalades, pennies, pianos, pictures, power rangers, presentation academy, prezettes, random thoughts, reading, red fraggle, red lights, rent, roller coasters, saying i love you, scarves, scooters, screaming, sex, shakespeare in the park, shampoo, shoelaces, short stories, showtunes, singing loudly, sleeping, sleeping late, sticky tape, strawberries, success, sunrises, sunscreen, sunsets, sunshine, switchfoot, taking back sunday, tattoos, telling white lies, the beatles, the glorious hackmiller, the little mermaid, thumb tacks, tile floors, trollys, two dollar movies, uofl basketball, usher, visiting pres, water, weekends, whiteout, yellow submarines, yogi bear, yoohoos, yummy lotion, zoolander