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drumroll please....

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Jul. 20th, 2005 | 10:36 pm
mood: thirstythirsty
music: Helena -- My Chemical rOmance

wow. looong time, no update. my life is so busy. i work work work work work. it stinks. but thats life i suppose. hmmm....what to update.....i wish i had something really amazing to tell everybody, but i don't. oh. yes. i cannot wait for the next three weeks and 3 days to go by so that i can move into my OWN PLACE and not have to worry about dealing with home life anymore. ahhh that will be the greatest thing. but for now i am just fantisizing about what it will be like to finally be really on my own without someone constantly breathing down my back. thats all for now, kids. hope everyone is having a great summer. i'll make a real update sometime soon. :)

p.s. STEPHANIE STOBER -- what are you doing friday night? if the answer is nothing, than you are coming to tumbleweed with dani and i. k? let me know soon...since its like the day after tomorrow... ;)

love, sarah

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from: obesepieceofpie
date: Jul. 22nd, 2005 10:40 am (UTC)

I work tonight (Friday). But it is not until late...I probably won't leave my house to go in until 11:30p. And I know Tumbleweed is probably closed. Other than that, my whole family is out of town and my bf will be working. Tell me what time. Call me. 379-1992. If you have not called me, I will call you shortly. :)

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