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Aug. 3rd, 2005 | 07:53 pm
mood: sillysilly
music: Dave Matthews Band

i had SUCH a great day at kings island yesterday with emily. no kidding, it was the most fun that i have had in a long while. and to think...i didnt even wanna go! stupid, stupid me! i forgot how much i LOVE spending time with her. she cracks me up. ok ok so i am gonna break down the trip...we left @ 7:30 in the morning....because emily is a spaz and thinks that it takes like 3 hours to get to cincy! we had a pretty good ride down (up?) there. we just talked about a little bit of everything...school, life, family, friends, etc. come to find out, we had ALOT of catching up to do. it was so awesome to just have that time to ourselves to be able to talk and laugh and sing backstreet boys songs at the top of our lungs with the windows down and be really goofy like old times. anyways, we got the park at like 9 and still had an hour before it opened. NICE. but lucky for us, they opened the doors @ 9:30 so we got to be first in line to ride son of beast! yessss* it was awesome awesome awesome. there is also a new ride there based on the movie "the italian job." it looked pretty fun... and it was! it zooms off at like 60mph and thats when they snap your pic. the picture was absolutely classic. i bought it because we were lookin' just toooooo cute. hehe. the middle of the day is pretty much just a blur of rides and walking and talking and laughing. AND BEING EXTREMELY HOT. god it must have been 190 degrees out there. good thing i wore shorts and a tank top! but still, i probably lost 15 pounds in sweat. yuck. since there are not a TON of rides @ kings island and we were planning on staying until it closed, we spent alot of the day just shopping in the stores (mostly because they are air conditioned!) i bought WAYYY to much stuff. i got a new white sea shell necklace for 3 dollars and an awesome shirt that says "lets get loopy" for 10 dollars! i thought they were pretty good deals! me and em also got these really nifty italian charm bracelets. mine is very pretty. i <3 it. it was little on the pricy side since each charm was sold individualy...but being the wonderful friend that she is, emily bought it for me for my birthday! yay! hmm...after the sun went down, it was nicer outside to walk around without having the sun beaming down on us. so we went up to the top of the tower thingy that they have there. it was soo cool at night. it was all lit up and stuff. it was breezy and very nice. just looking out over the city was so incredibly realaxing. we sat up there and talked for awhile.she told me all about andrew and how happy they are together. i am really glad for her. she deserves to have someone that appreciates how great she is. he seems like a nice guy (even though i have only met him once) and i havent seen her this optimistic about anything in awhile! sadly, our convo got inturrupted by an incredibly hott guy that works at the park. he said that they close the tower 30 minutes before the rest of the park to prep for the firework show, so we had to go back down. major bummer. i could have stayed up there all night. soooo we decided to be random and go get henna tattoos. i got the sign for virgo on my wrist and she got these really pretty angel wings on her back. we have decided that when we get the money, those are the tattoos we want. they look awesome and incredibly real. then it was FINALLY time for the fireworks show! SO PRETTY but nothing compared to thunder! oh and fyi...i have decided that the only time i really really want a boyfriend is when i watch fireworks with sappy music playing in the background. it just makes me really want someone to cuddle with and know that they are there for me and love me. ahhh it would be nice. anyways, the ride home took a turn for the worse when we accidently got on I75 instead of I71... and ended up on our way to richmond. yikes. don't wanna go back there again!!!! so that little mistake put us back a few hours and we finally got home to louisville around 2am. i am still totally zonked out. i think thats my cue to go take a long nap. yay for a good day with an old friend, though. yesterday and all its lovely-ness was EXACTLY what i needed...

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