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Jan. 12th, 2006 | 04:10 pm
mood: creativecreative
music: wilco.

school blows.

enough about that...lets move on to something that doesnt make me so depressed.

yesterday i went home to get some of my more spring weather appropriate clothes out of storage. and while i was rummaging in the attic, i saw this box that had alot of older cds in it. i guess they were some of my sisters cds that she left here when she moved. well, you know me, i got really excited and starting looking through it. oh man. there were all these cds that brooke tried to force me to listen to back when i was in middle school...most of which i used to think were just plain weird. i found a bunch of old dave matthews band cds which just totally rekindled my love for them. i bought their new cd when it came out this summer, but then got on a kick with a whole new style of music and never really listened to it much. i guess it just hasnt occured to me lately to pop in some DMB. anways. there was also an ass load of nirava cds and varies other items dealing with kurt cobain, 2 wilco cds, some radiohead, oasis, a genius random mix cd with sonny and cher, the who, even some good ol leddy, the white and blue beatles albums, sheDAISY, 2 duncan sheik cds, and the greatest mix of 80s/early90s music that i have ever heard. talk about a gold mine. i am still excited. so i rushed back here (forgetting completely about my hunt for spring clothes) and loaded all of those cds onto my mp3 player. it made me feel nostalgic and rejuvinated today listening to wilco and nirvana on my way to class instead of the normal my chemical romance and the used. its a nice change.

as you can probably tell, music pretty much makes my life exciting.

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